New Direction

This is changing directions, Little Sis is going to join in and we are going to do a bit of food blogging for cooking-lazy kids on a budget. I’m just starting out in life, and Wanna is just moving in to a house for college. This means that we are in a not-so-unique position of cooking for ourselves with not much time to be fancy and a desire to be somewhat healthy. Hopefully, by documenting some of our favorite recipes (or some of our flops), we’ll cook in greater diversity and healthier than otherwise.

I am going to try and post pictures of what AB and I cook, along with recipes as much as possible. To give a vague idea of budget constraints, we’re living in Maryland (way more expensive than the Midwest we’re used to), allocating about $85/week to groceries for 2 people. It was more expensive at the beginning, but as we stocked up on some of the staples, each week has gotten a little better.

I also hope this gives a little bit of insight into what my little sis is doing at college, since I can’t check up on her this year. :)

3 thoughts on “New Direction

  1. Hey Lex.
    Today for breakfast I had half a carton of lowfat yogurt with Organic Hemp Granola and sliced banana on top with brown sugar.
    For lunch- lettuce salad with tomato and ranch
    Supper -Pocket pita with shredded cheese and cubed green pepper + garlic salt and pepper. Put in oven to melt cheese.
    for a snack later- tomato slices on toast.
    hehehe yay. I’m not sure what my budget is yet. I spent $60 on stocking up friday so I’ll see how long it’ll last me.

  2. Hey Lex, Adriana told me about your blog. Can I post on it too? Can I send in pictures of what I make too? I think it’d be really fun. I’d also love to read Michael Pollan’s new book and write a little review of it. What do you think?


  3. Today I made an omelette. It was really kinda weird but good.
    4 basil leaves, mushrooms, blackbeans and sprouts topped with mexican shredded cheese and salsa. mmmm… hehe.

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