Birthday Raclette

This is an excellent hint as to my birthday meal:

Bubbly raclette

That’s right, my astute observers. Raclette. (Also, it’s in the title). The above photo shows exactly how deliciously bubbly raclette gets when you melt it in a raclette grill.
Raclette grill
Doesn’t that look good? It was. Notice especially those delicious hunks of steak in the background.
The whole spread.
Raclette prep!
The goal:
perfect plate
Cheesy goodness. This is what you’re going for. Melty shmelty cheese on top of potatoes.
You also may have noticed that tall cool bottle of wine. We went for a white blend, Seven Daughters from California.
raclette-paired wine

Raclette is without contest (well, without strong contest) my favorite meal, and a perfect way to celebrate my 26th Birthday!

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