Tortilla cooking

I saw this recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and Pinterest objections aside (Spam! How is there so much spam?) (Attribution! People pin and repin and like and forget that content comes from somewhere!) I was excited to try these. The only modification I made was using a cast iron skillet instead of non-stick- oh, and I didn’t have enough olive oil, so I used about 1T olive oil and 2T canola.

Cast Iron Pan

The tortillas were easy to roll out, although next time I’ll try to get a bit thinner- my last two were much thinner than the first two!



We ate the tortillas with green peppers and onions that AB sauteed, shredded leftover beef roast from Sunday’s crockpot, and cheese & salsa. The tortillas were delicious, and hopefully they’ll hold up– the recipe made eight, but we only ate half of them (because, well, eight tortillas is a lot!).

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