The below “About” will remain for posterity, but now it’s just Alexis cranking away on this food blog. Now living in Madison, WI and really enjoying the local fare- plenty of beer and cheese. :) AB does most of the cooking, so I’ll try to properly attribute her masterpieces and distinguish them from my flops. We didn’t sign up for a crop share, as the Dane County Farmer’s Market keeps us well stocked in fresh fruit & veg in the appropriate months. We are very excited to be back in the midwest, and have a well-beaten path to the only Hy-Vee in Wisconsin! (As well as my nearly weekly visits to Trader Joe’s…)

Fisher sister food blog, recipes and pictures and more! Fisher sisters consist of:

Amanda, grad student, living in Idaho with a vegetarian.

Alexis, living in Maryland, v.busy with work, long commutes, and sub-par grocery stores (but the possibility of a community crop share, summer 2008!).

Adriana, college student in Iowa, vegetarianorama.

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