What happens when I am asked to help AB make dinner for the next night (chicken enchiladas! Yay!) when I’m halfawake? Well. Invariably, I mess something up… This time, I dumped enchilada sauce in with the chicken. SO AB, with her usual calm and aplomb, decided to invent lasagnchiladas!… Which have all the same ingredients as enchiladas, just layered instead of rolled. It’s easier for us than regular enchiladas, and seriously tasty.
Lasagnchilada Lasagnchiladas in the pan
Lasagnchilada Pan Corner See my deliciously bubbly corner?
Plated Lasagnchilada Plated, with brussel sprouts and a bit of sour cream!

Pumpkin Pie


N makes the best pumpkin pies in the world. She makes the crust herself, using techniques passed down through the generations. She uses pumpkin that she’s carved out of a real-live pumpkin and then cooked. She makes fun pastry decorations to sit on the top of the pie. She doesn’t over-flavor with cinnamon or all-spice so you can still taste the pumpkin.

Buffalo Chicken Wraps

OK tonight’s dinner was pretty much amazing. It started simply enough:
hello flour and spicy!

Followed by just a little bit of pan frying
which probably isn’t the best plan, healthwise, but seriously genius because then we buffalo’d the chikkie bits

Which is genius. It made AB really happy.
Told you! Then we wrapped these little chikkie biteys up in tortillas with some blue cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes from the patio…
Buffalo Chicken wrap


I’m sure you’re all jealous, mmm buffalo salads tomorrow.

Almost Croque Monsieur

I know there hasn’t been much activity lately, and I also know I haven’t cooked too much lately. But if there is one thing I do and enjoy, that thing would be eating. This past Sunday, I had been watching Barefoot Contessa making croques monsieur and realized that I had pretty close to the right ingredients. The night before, I had made some fromage fort, and AB had made garlic bread… I’m sure you can see where this is heading.

The first step was carving off a sizeable (sandwich-size) chunk of garlic bread, and applying the fromage fort.

Garlic bread

Obviously, for a ham and cheese sandwich, the ham is necessary (I also threw in a layer of swiss, because the ham seemed lonely)

layers of ham and swiss

Next, I slapped the sammy together and placed it in a pan. (I smushed it down a little bit to try and get it to stick together)

ready to go in the oven
I baked it for about 10 minutes, sprinkled some mozzarella on the top, and shmelted that slightly.

oozing pure delicious

And then, I ate it.

serious sandwich

chicken corn and rice

food-006.jpg This is the sauce i cooked the chicken in. First I defrosted the chicken, cut it into strips and cooked it in a pot with this sauce. After the chicken got less raw i threw in some frozen corn. I added about a cup of water to the pot. food-005.jpg

I made half of cup of rice in the micro then threw it all together in the pot until the excess water steamed out.

food-007.jpg this is it cooking.. looks soupy for awhile but the water helped spread around the sauce so I didn’t have to use as much. I had some hot peppers from dad’s garden still so i chopped up some of those and threw ‘em in too for a little extra kick.

food-008.jpg mmmmm so tasty. I added salt and pepper and ate it all. it was a really good meal and didn’t take more than 20 minutes to make.
This is andrea and her boyfriend, Dave. food-009.jpg

Andrea made some spanish rice. food-010.jpg

pork chops

can of chicken and rice soup condensed, extra rice and water, pork chops.

brown the chops first, add flour and garlic and i added some par cheese then add the rice and soup.. simmer for an hour

chopschops in the panmags eatin chops hehemuh plate

Had Ann over for dinner Sunday, and Abby made fancy Macaroni and Four Cheeses. I forgot to photograph it Sunday, but Monday night leftovers were delicious.

Four-Cheese Macaroni and broccoli

Abby also made fancy flourless chocolate cake that was great.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

And tonight, I made pretzels! They didn’t turn out quite right (I think I need to de-gas them more and also boil them in baking soda water, I was trying for Bayrisch hard pretzels and really they’re like rolls with salt)


New Direction

This is changing directions, Little Sis is going to join in and we are going to do a bit of food blogging for cooking-lazy kids on a budget. I’m just starting out in life, and Wanna is just moving in to a house for college. This means that we are in a not-so-unique position of cooking for ourselves with not much time to be fancy and a desire to be somewhat healthy. Hopefully, by documenting some of our favorite recipes (or some of our flops), we’ll cook in greater diversity and healthier than otherwise.

I am going to try and post pictures of what AB and I cook, along with recipes as much as possible. To give a vague idea of budget constraints, we’re living in Maryland (way more expensive than the Midwest we’re used to), allocating about $85/week to groceries for 2 people. It was more expensive at the beginning, but as we stocked up on some of the staples, each week has gotten a little better.

I also hope this gives a little bit of insight into what my little sis is doing at college, since I can’t check up on her this year. :)


Alexis and i went to Blue….had some sushi. It was really good, as it always is. We had the Sake Mahi, the Cloud Nine, and the Crunchy Blue, my personal favorite.

The front one is the Sake Mahi, next is the Cloud Nine, and finally is the Crunch Blue.